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As we enter the 21st century, otolaryngology is on the threshold of many exciting advances. After the development of Cochlear Implants,many research goals are being actively pursued. Some of the goals are general in nature, such solving the puzzle of SensoriNeural Hearing Loss. There is the promise of utilizing Stem Cell Therapy for regeneration of the tiny hair cell receptors in the inner ear.

One of the most prevalent childhood problems is otitis media, with the potential consequence of hearing loss. The vaccine available for the most common bacterial pathogens is minimally effective. A more effective vaccine giving greater protection is needed and may be available relatively soon.

The treatment of sinus disease continues to improve. In addition to the endoscopic sinus procedures available, image guidance systems can now be used, which make sinus surgery more precise and lead to better surgical results and far less morbidity than in the past.Minimally invasive procedures such as Balloon Sinuplsty are already available. Over the years, the treatment of allergies has gone through several phases.

Avoidance of an offending allergen was always available but seldom attainable. Desensitization, getting shots at regular intervals for several years, was time tested but had several drawbacks. The possibility of a serious, immediate adverse reaction to a shot always existed, as well as the inconvenience and cost of regular office visits to get the shots. The development of antihistamines was welcome, but the side effects were often a problem, the most common being drowsiness. The arrival on the scene of nasal steroid sprays and nonsedating antihistamines further improved treatment options.

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