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Four-year-old Rabiya will soon hear first sound

DNA, Mumbai | 24 Oct, 2014

For four-year-old Rabiya, whose hearing is impaired and belongs to a family in which eight members, including her parents are deaf, may soon start hearing for the first time in her life after undergoing a cochlear implant at the Bombay Hospital recently. …

Salivary gland stone patient gets relief after four years

For 32-year-old Rekha Solanki, life was a drudgery with recurrent pain and swelling beneath her right ear before she came to Bombay Hospital. Doctors say that the recurrent pain, which made her difficult to even open her mouth, was because of a stone in her salivary gland. …

Endoscopic approach to Salivary Gland Pathology

Sialendoscopy is a new procedure , aiming to visualize the lumen of the salivary ducts and their pathologies. The technique can be performed in most cases as an ambulatory, outpatient procedure. …

Vertigo Balance Excercises

Vestibular Adaptation Excercises are a set of excercises designed for rehabilitation of a wide range of balance disorders. They improve the functional deficits and subjective symptoms of Vertigo. …

Early bionic ears for hearing deprived

It is estimated that 1 in 1000 newborns have severe to profound hearing impairment. Children with normal hearing develop spoken language by listening to and by imitating poken language in their environment …

Balloon Sinuplasty

Since January 2009 at Bombay Hospital we are offering a less invasive procedure for patients with chronic sinusitis. Using a balloon sinus device, we are treating patients with chronic sinus infections using a more minimal approach than traditional surgery and even Endoscopic Sinus Surgery …


Electronystagmography (ENG) is used to evaluate people with vertigo (a false sense of spinning or motion that can cause dizziness) and certain other disorders that affect hearing and vision. Electrodes are placed at locations above and below the eye to record electrical activity. By measuring …
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